During your stay in Chitwan Village Resort there are lots of fun and educational activities you can do. Experiences such as a unique wildlife safari on the back of an elephant, from which you can enjoy the sights of wild live in their natural environment. The habitat consists of gorgeous water sites, dense forrests and rich grasslands. Our experienced guides will assist you in these activities and can tell you everything about the area.

Activities in Chitwan

Elephant safari

Elephant safari is one of the most popular activity. Not only is there more chance of seeing rhinos and tigers from atop an elephant, but it is also the only way to navigate through 8 feet tall grasses and experience wildlife in its natural settings!

Canoe ride

A canoe ride on the Rapti Rivers is a journey that you won't want to miss. You can easily cover the greater length of Chitwan national park in a canoe, with eye-popping views, especially of water birds and fishes. A canoe ride also gives a rare up-close view of Gharial crocodiles and the rich and varied aquatic ecology.

Bird watching

On a bird-watching trip, you will be guided by a native naturalist through the grassland of Chitwan National Park. There are hundreds of migratory and native birds that you can catch a glimpse of at shooting range – but just make sure you do it with a camera!

Jungle walk

Jungle walks are usually carried out in small groups and are escorted by naturalists and ecologists. Jungle walks comprise of an exhaustive observation of the diverse species found in the park from insects and birds to rhinos and tigers.

Jeep drive

Take a safari on our four-wheel drive vehicle and surf the forest from the comfort of your seat. Expert guides will help you recognise the pug marks of tigers and leopards and the inner affairs of elephants and to capture the natural sights and sounds of the forest in your memory.

Elephant bathing

You can also participate in helping the mahout to bathe his elephant. This is carried out at the river, within the lodge premises.

Elephant Breeding Centre

Nepal's only Elephant Breeding Centre is located close to the lodge. Visitors are allowed to go inside the premises and to observe and learn all about elephants up-close - their lifecycle, mating habits and daily routine. The centre currently houses over 30 elephants including twin calves.

Gharial Crocodile Breeding Centre

Of the two types of crocodiles found in Chitwan, the Marsh Mugger is more common than the Gharial. A breeding centre has been set up in Kasara, dedicated to the conservation of Gharial. Only few years ago they were on the brink of extinction, but thanks to the effort of agencies like WWF, the Gharial is now making a come-back.

Tharu Culture

The Tharu people are the indigenous inhabitants of the Terai region of Nepal and have been the caretakers of the tropical forests of Nepal for centuries. Today, their culture is a most vibrant one, with Tharu dances being demonstrated and exhibited in lodges and in their community centre.